Every month we set out a special night just for the Moms. It is a night to unwind and relax. We know how much time, work, and tears us moms put into schooling our kids. That is why we have Mom’s Night. We want every mom to have just a little time to themselves. We know how much they need it!


Every mom’s night is unique. Sometimes we play a game, sometimes we do a craft, or sometimes we just sit around and talk and hang out. Whatever we do, we keep it low key and fun. Usually a pot luck is involved, or once in a while we just go out to eat. We try to keep it simple and easy for all the moms. You can always look forward to good company, good food, and door prizes!


Mom’s night is were friendships form. It is a night of building each other up. It is a time to just talk about the homeschool journey and get advice. Any mom will benefit from this night. We know mom’s are the backbone of the families, and we like to take time to support their needs.