• What Are We Eating?

    Honestly, as much as I enjoy watching some cooking show, I am also very exhausted to come up with meals to feed the eating monster that lives in my house.  So I came…

  • Slice of Life

    Yesterday I was a cool mom that was silly and just so amazing, today I embarrass him (eyes rolling).  

  • The Laundry

    The reality is that we are often on the road driving from one thing to another, and when we are home we are teaching our children. And they do get dirty a lot,…

  • Quick Question

    When you sit down and chat with one another, you realize that each journey is different. 

  • Not In The Books

    For some, gardening is easy and for me (who doesn’t have a green thumb) it is not.  Don’t get me wrong here, I do enjoy “playing” in the dirt but I am still…

  • Old Wisdom

    When I was a teenager, in the 1980’s something, I was hooked on those quote that you could find here and there in the Reader’s Digest. 

  • Behave…NOT!

    So, lately I have been out of character if you can say that.  I am being silly.  My kiddo asked me if everything was ok (I bet he thinks that I am going…