• Monday With Teenagers

    The day is not filled with a bunch of nothing, those kids (sorry teenagers) are all homeschooled after all, so we still have school work to do and that is what we do…

  • Let “Perfect” Go By Kristina

    I have decided to just give up. I am done with striving to do things just right, or to have the perfect clean house. I am tired of apologizing for the mess. It…

  • Short Days By Christina

    I remember a friend one time telling me the important thing to worry about with homeschooling is reading writing and arithmetic.

  • How Are You?

    How many times have I said those 3 simple words while crossing another mom in the halls?  A lot of times! 

  • “Education means inspiring someone’s mind, not just filling their head.” By Katie Lusk

  • Behave…NOT!

    So, lately I have been out of character if you can say that.  I am being silly.  My kiddo asked me if everything was ok (I bet he thinks that I am going…