• Be Still

    It was about explaining things.  Learning to think, to look for information and trusting that in a mist of a storm, God is with us to give us peace.

  • What Are We Eating?

    Honestly, as much as I enjoy watching some cooking show, I am also very exhausted to come up with meals to feed the eating monster that lives in my house.  So I came…

  • Help!!!!

    Each time your child moves up a grade, new challenges are ahead of you.  The older they get, the harder it gets too.  But I have to remind myself that there is a…

  • Slice of Life

    Yesterday I was a cool mom that was silly and just so amazing, today I embarrass him (eyes rolling).  

  • The Lost Dogs

    This little guy was so friendly and we could go on a rant here! …But let’s not or else it will get ugly.  Throughout our time at co-op, you could see children going…

  • The Laundry

    The reality is that we are often on the road driving from one thing to another, and when we are home we are teaching our children. And they do get dirty a lot,…

  • Acts of Kindness Class

    We felt blessed and we couldn’t be more grateful towards the Georgia Girl & Merle Norman Studio owner for the donation of awesome beauty products for our shoe box project. 

  • Finding Balance

    Let me remind you that if our members wouldn’t step up and offer to teach a class, none of this would happen.  I know, this is the chorus that I have been repeating…

  • Quick Question

    When you sit down and chat with one another, you realize that each journey is different. 

  • Homeschool Spelling Bee

    Sometimes it is hard to justify paying a certain fee for an event for your homeschool group, which is why we do charge a small fee per family for participating in the Spelling…