Be Still

We are already Wednesday and it seems like it has been a long week already.  Our refrigerator went bunker on us.  The frig part didn’t want to cool down anymore.  My car is in the shop, it didn’t want to start anymore.  It could be a battery issue or the alternator, who knows?  My pile of laundry hasn’t got any smaller yet, but grew 2 times bigger.  While cutting an oak tree that went down last spring, my husband hurt his foot.  Those are the things happening in my little world.  Now on the outside world, we have the market not being stable, the Covid-19 spreading worldwide.

All those things can get overwhelming big time for an adult, because you think about how much it will costs to repair the car or refrigerator.  That laundry pile is just simply annoying and tells me that I cannot keep up with the simple task of washing the clothes (the one and a million ways to make me feel like a failure).  The 401K is affected, are we going into a recession and of course the unknown of a disease.

When you homeschool your teenage son, well that kid spend a lot of time with you.  My son is not stupid and if I worry and go into panic mode he will also go into that mode (I learned that a long time ago).  The only difference is that he will keep it inside and that is going to make him explode eventually.  He is that type of person.  So, knowing that fact, I just have to remind myself to BE STILL in the midst of a storm.  God got this!  Don’t let fear and worries dictate your decision making.

Why am I telling you this right?  Well, last night my son came to me and asked for a hug.  Do you know how rare those are when you have a teenager?  So, that was pretty much his way of telling me that he was overwhelmed.  I asked him if everything was ok and that is when he started sharing the worries that he had about all that stuff.  I have worked so hard to make sure that he knew that whenever he needs to talk about anything and everything that I am there for him and I am glad the he did.  For me, homeschooling was about being there for my child, to have that kind of relation where it is ok to talk to your parent and not have to worry about what you are sharing to them.

So we talked about it.  We went through the list of all the things that were worrying him.  It was not about discarding his feelings.  It was not about just brushing it off with a “don’t worry about it”.  It was about explaining things.  Learning to think, to look for information and trusting that in a mist of a storm, God is with us to give us peace.  It was past midnight when he felt as ease about everything that was on his mind.  He felt at peace.  There is no denying that being able to go through that process made me feel good as a parent.  It is giving him the tools that he will be able to use hopefully all through his life.

As he is still sleeping, after that long night of discussion, I am going to go grab another cup of coffee and tackle a part of that pile of dirty laundry.

Have a good rest of the week!