Slice of Life

As I utter the words “would you like for me to arrange a play date with”, my teenage boy looked in my direction and decided to correct and remind his mother that he was too old for a play date.  It was more a “hang out” thing.  Seriously, play date and hang out is the same thing….the meaning is the same.  By the way, it’s not “mom” now but “mother”.

I was warned a long time ago that the crossing from childhood to teenager would be interesting.  Most of you out there that do have teenagers must be able to relate to this one.   Yesterday I was a cool mom that was silly and just so amazing, today I embarrass him (eyes rolling).  I haven’t change or evolve but he did.

Have you ever tried to remember if you were like that as a teen?  Were we snob little things that corrected our parents on what words to choose and so on because we thought we knew better? It is so far away that I don’t recall.  I just hope that this transition between child and teen won’t get the best of me!