The Lost Dogs

As I was packing my car to head to co-op, it felt like it would be a blah day.  I mean the weather was au rendez-vous with clouds, wind and some drops falling here and there from above.  They were announcing freezing temperature for that evening.  The perfect weather mix to put you in a blah mood.

To my surprise, while finding a parking spot, we saw a dog greeting us at the door.  Of course, going inside the question was “to whom belongs that little fellow?”  It had been in the parking lot for a while now and didn’t belong to anyone.  Seriously?  This little guy was so friendly and we could go on a rant here! …But let’s not or else it will get ugly.  Throughout our time at co-op, you could see children going outside to check on that dog and so did I to be honest.  We were hoping that its owner would show up, but nope.  We had also learned that the dog wasn’t alone, that earlier in the morning he had a pal with him.

Some parents were discussing throughout the day about what to do with that dog.  We care, we teach our children to care, so yes, somehow we would be doing something.  This is what I enjoy, the “let’s figure out something together” part.  It is not left to one person to step up to the plate but to all of us and that is what happens.  When it was time to go back home, the other dog showed up.  At the end of the day, both dogs went to homes until owners or a new owner would be found.  It was a great relief! You have no idea!