The Laundry

As I was walking in the hallway during our break time, I spotted 2 moms chatting and I had to stop to just give them a big hug!  What can I say; I sometime feel the need to give hugs!  There was a song I used to sing in the early 90’s about 4 hugs a day being the minimum so – okay, I am totally going off topic here.

Anyway, while exchanging the usual “how you are doing” the discussion ended up becoming about teenagers, how they smell and that pile of laundry accumulating that we should all tackle.  You would think that because we homeschool that our house is nice and tidy at all time.  The reality is that we are often on the road driving from one thing to another, and when we are home we are teaching our children. And they do get dirty a lot, which means they produce more clothes than it should be allowed in a week.

Now, our conversation lingered more on how those teenagers’ clothes smell.  That musk, did my clothes smell that bad during that period of my life?  I don’t recall, but as I put loads of stinky stuff in my washing machine to try to get that smell away I realized that I needed some pointers.  It shouldn’t be that hard to do such a task, but when you empty your machine and your nose acknowledges that it still smells, well, you just wonder what to do.  So what to do?  Here are some ideas that were shared with me during that conversation and I hope that it can help you.

Use baking soda in your wash.  That seems to neutralize that disgusting odor.

Vinegar!!!!  Seriously, that eliminates smells.

A mix of baking soda and vinegar in warm water should be use if we are facing that monster of all smells.

Simple things to use but they work!  And now about dealing with that giant pile faster than correcting the kids school work….easy, go to the Laundromat!  It might cost you money, but the peace of mind that you will have for not seeing that mountain of dirt is priceless!