Acts of Kindness Class

We talked about how this class took on a life of its own in a previous blog.  This past week one group decided to write cards that had words of encouragement for women who were staying in shelter due to abuse.  But they wanted to do more than cards, which is totally understandable.

I had read a while back about the shoe box project.  It is a movement that started in Canada.  The idea is to put some goodies that are for women in a shoe box.  Things that would make them feel good or just lift them up and know that someone cares.  The big problem for us was money.  We didn’t have a lot to be able to put our project in motion and yet we didn’t want to let go of the idea.  That group was that stubborn.

This is when an important key player came in the mix.  I approached the owner of the Georgia Girl & Merle Norman Studio located in Clarksville, AR.  I explain to her our situation and the intention behind that project.  Without hesitation Miss Shannon committed to help us with that once unreachable idea of ours.    She didn’t do it to have publicity (she isn’t aware that we are writing about her), she did it because the cause touched her heart and she wanted to help kids making this happen.

We felt blessed and we couldn’t be more grateful towards the Georgia Girl & Merle Norman Studio owner for the donation of awesome beauty products for our shoe box project.  With one person willing to help us, we were able to bless a lot of women with those boxes.  We have great people in our community and Miss Shannon is one of them.

When it was time to pack our boxes, we put our cards and beauty products and took the time to pray for the women who would receive them.  It was touching and moving simply because we see that we are raising kids who care about others and I hope that it will never change.