The Class That Touches Heart

In a previous blog, someone talked about the process that ARCH took to find classes to offer to its members.  Now, let me share with you the story about a little class that we have named “Acts of Kindness”.

We were looking at our class grid, which is divided by what we offer during certain hours of co-op as well as grade group and also price range.  The truth is that we were missing a class for every grade group that would be free or with a very low price. That was a head scratcher and we had no teachers available either.  After thinking and bouncing ideas around, we came up with “Acts of Kindness”.  It would be a time where anyone in that class could make cards for different organizations like our first responder, military, people in nursing homes, and so on.  As long as we provide the material for making the cards, all we needed was a parent in there to supervise.  It was a wonderful idea, let’s give ourselves a pat on the back, we have now everything cover for our fall classes.  You would think that the story ends there, but nope!

By the second class, the kids (meaning all ages) that were in there wanted to do more!  They weren’t satisfied about just making cards; they felt that they wanted to be more involved than that.  There was a parent who decided to take charge of that class with the help of some directors.  And wonderful things are happening at this point with that group of children.  I will share more in a future blog post, but know that kids have great ideas too and if you listen to them once in a while, you will see the true color of their heart.