Not In The Books

Last week was a long one.  The last day of our homeschool group coop classes, kindergarten graduation and so many arguments with my child about why he needed to know that “stuff” in math (because he won’t need it when he grows up as he says).  I needed to unplug.  I didn’t want to teach school stuff, I didn’t want to stay inside the house (we had so much rain lately) while it was sunny outside, I was seeking a quiet, yet productive, time.

Since I seem to be behind on anything and everything, it was time to get started on the garden.  For some, gardening is easy and for me (who doesn’t have a green thumb) it is not.  Don’t get me wrong here, I do enjoy “playing” in the dirt but I am still learning on how to do things.  So, as I am learning, I am sharing this journey with my child.  Teaching is not necessarily about learning what is in the books but also about the day to day life.  Taking care of things that grow, what can you plant in your area and when.  Being able to enjoy the fruit of your labor or learn from your mistakes is a good preparation for life.

If you are in a big city, containers gardening can be done and you can enjoy that journey with your child.  Herbs are so easy to grow, I know, because I don’t mess that part up.  Learning that food is not something that magically appears at the super market and it does take time to grow, to be care for, is a good way for your child to realize and appreciate what is on the dinner table.

Teaching more than what is in the books is also important!  So many choices out there, what will you choose?