Big Step

ARCH celebrated the graduation of its kindergarten class this month.  We had the cap and gown, the diploma, the program, some cupcakes and you know, the whole work!

As I was working behind the scene for that event, I had the opportunity to observe those little kids.  They were up on stage and being kids.  Those legs were swinging, they were excited and shy, in short what you would expect from children that age.

Now, the real fun or more sweet moments were peeking at the parents while the ceremony was going on.  They were proud of those little guys on stage (which is totally normal) but when there was that video montage going on, you could catch a teary eye here and there.  The diplomas were given and again some tears.  I don’t think that the parents expected to react that way toward that first graduation.  Those are sweet, happy moments that a parent will go through in a life of child.  Something that they will cherish for a long time I am sure of it.

So, if you are part of an homeschool group, I hope that you can celebrate that first step in your child education, it is worth it more than I can explain to you.

Class of 2031 here’s to you!