Yes Mom, You Are Doing A Good Job

Just in case there is one person out there that needed to be told this today, I thought it was a good day (Monday)  to post this blog! After talking to a few “mom friends”, some who use public school and some who home school, I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes moms just need to know they are doing something right.

As a home school parent, we balance so much more than just academics, and in the scheme of this wonderful life we live in, sometimes I think its the other things that we are balancing that will stick with our children more than what they learn in text books. (Disclaimer, I’m not saying textbooks aren’t good teaching tools, I just believe they are one of the many tools we use!)

For example, we make our lesson plans, teach our children, clean house, meal plan, budget, pay bills, grocery shop, cook, do laundry, and drive everyone from point A to point B. I’m sure I left a lot out of your day. But you get the point!

Not only are our children learning from their textbooks, but they are also being taught things they see us doing around the house. In my opinion, these are some of life’s most valuable lessons. So don’t feel bad if you didn’t follow those lesson plans exactly, or if “Jimmy” didn’t do as good as you hoped on a test. Just as we are all different, so are our children. They learn different ways. I didn’t realize until recently that the most valuable things I taught my  children were things I didn’t plan to teach.

Just a few examples of what I’ve noticed lately.

Our oldest son, is married, and on a recent trip to visit him, he was telling us about shopping around for better deals on food, and how he had got coupons off a certain site. To some that may not seem like much, but to this frugal mother, its amazing. I know that when times get tough, he can take care of his family.

Thankfully our daughter can now say she knows how to work on plumbing, because one day she decided to go help her dad out, and even though it wasn’t a school day, or a chore, she was able to help dad, and learn sometimes you don’t have to call the plumber.

Another thing that sticks out as a valuable lesson was, one of my sons met a lady whose grandfather was sick, and she was sad that she didn’t have the money to take off from work and drive to see him. Our son has watched us help others when needed, without the desire to get a thank you or recognition. He gave this young lady $40, and when I asked him if he felt he did the right thing, he replied, ” I believe its what God wanted me to do, and even if she didn’t use the money for what she said, that is not the point. I did what I felt I needed to.” Man was I a proud mom, and I made sure he had the money to cover his car insurance.

Our youngest will compare prices on just about anything, (he’s seen me do this his whole life) he gets on certain websites to see who has the best deal before he even ask for what he wants. Recently he helped his uncle who is a Contractor find some things for a big job, and save some money. In all honesty, he has helped quite a few family members save money by teaching them to shop around.

So no, this mom did not get all of her goals met when it come to lesson plans last week, but I had a wonderful time with my kids, was able to teach a very rewarding class, and take a little field trip for my daughters birthday. I have to mention on this field trip we found a way to work in P.E., History and Math! Plus we had a wonderful day!