I’m So Thankful For Our ARCH Family!

Last week someone asked me why I felt the need to belong to a home school co-op. I listed a few of my favorite reasons to them, not that I felt the need to justify what we do with our time. But because more people need to know the benefits of belonging to a co-op. At the time, my favorite reasons were the availability of classes and activities my children could be involved in. Also a added benefit is having parents I can go to for advice. I mean you got to admit its nice having friends that understand what your going through!

Fast forward to this week, and I can give you a few more reasons that I love our ARCH family. I teach the cooking class, which by the way let me add I love, and I needed someone to fill in for me this past week. I made a post to our Facebook page explaining that my granny had surgery, and was having a rough recovery. I had been staying at her house to help take care of her and needed to get her medicine and other things on our co-op day. I had a great response from some wonderful ladies, who all pitched in and taught my 2 classes. When I returned to pick up Kallee, I went in to clean and pack to go back to granny’s. But they had it all under control. It was awesome walking in the back door seeing everybody having fun and working together to clean up.

I had people asking how granny was feeling, offering prayers and encouragement, and also a nice hug from a sweet friend. Since I made the post I’ve had several people message me and check on her and our family, and offer prayers and support.

I started out joining ARCH, hoping my kids would make some lifelong friends. I didn’t realize that I would be blessed  with adding some sweet friends to my life also. I was told more than once not to worry about missing class, as one friend said “Family first”. Well I appreciate that!