Short Days By Christina

I remember a friend one time telling me the important thing to worry about with homeschooling is reading writing and arithmetic. That comes in handy when dad is off and we have school work that needs to be done.

It seems to be really hard for my kids to want to do any school while dad is off. But I try to remember the important subjects to keep school short: Reading Writing and Arithmetic. I have to admit we don’t spend much time if any on writing. My kids can write fairly well and they dislike it. I would like to add something maybe it could be in the place of writing as the most important of all of course: Bible! Of course we usually do a bible lesson over breakfast but yesterday we woke up late and kids were eating as they finished their chores and tried to be quiet and let dad sleep in a bit.

We watched a DVD that was a science apologetics yesterday, but it was made for kids in elementary school. It was called The Adventures of Ranger Mike. (I picked these up at the Rogers Homeschool convention this year). It was fantastic and it showed that because there’s sediment in the mountain rocks and in the amazing structures that God has made that their had to have been a flood at one point. He filmed it in Zion national Park and there are also some amazing pictures from the Grand Canyon. He explained how if it had happened over millions of years you wouldn’t have the layers, but instead you would see major erosion from wind and water. But because it happened on a shorter time scale, you have the majestic rock formations of these parks. So layers of sediment had to have happened due to water and all scientists know this, that is sediment had to have been put there because of water or you wouldn’t have the layers. But there’s no way it could’ve happened over a long period of time or you would have the erosion so commonly seen after even small flash floods. The erosion wouldn’t give us the amazing structures and beauty that you see in these national parks today.

Anyway this is MY vote on short days to change out writing for Bible or anything to do with God that can mold their hearts toward the Lord. Here here for Reading Bible and Arithmetic!