Monday With Teenagers

How many times have I been asked if my homeschooled teenager has enough socialization?  Pretty much, each time that someone asked me about homeschooling.  The topic is always a bit touchy I would say.  We can talk socialization as much as you want in the homeschool world but honestly, if we stop and think about it, is it because you are surrounded by others in a regular setting, which is school that you will socialize with them?  The feeling of being lonely seems a very common with high school students who don’t fit in any “clicks”.

Anyway, this is how it goes in my house on a regular Monday.  We get up, do some chore, have breakfast and we go get our friends (which are teenagers because I have a teenager).  I cannot call it a “play date” because, again, we are in the world of teenagers but it is a “hang out” day.

The day is not filled with a bunch of nothing, those kids (sorry teenagers) are all homeschooled after all, so we still have school work to do and that is what we do first.  I like to just watch them work and interact with one another.  How can I explain this so you can see the whole picture…? Let me give it a try by saying that if teenager X struggle with a math problem, the rest of them will try to work as a team to help teenager X understand the math problem without giving the answer.  We are talking about encouraging one another and wanting each other to succeed.  We are also seeing communication at its finest.  As a parent, I make sure that they are sharing the right concept and I will only step in if it is necessary (which is not often).

Once the school work is done and we had lunch, now it is free time!  I am kidding, sorry, but we do have things to take care off or a project to work on. It can be going outside and take care of some animals, or doing some yard work or walking the dogs but we are outside (if weather permit of course).  Have I mentioned that this day is device free?  No computers, no electronic devices to play game on, no phone…just a device free day!  We are together, so let’s enjoy our time together.

After finishing with our outside or inside project, then they can have “free” time as I call it.  At that point of the day, they will play games.  They might play UNO or the Oregon Trail but they have a good old fashion fun.  They laugh, share old stories (they are so old after all right lol) and just have a good time.   When it is close to diner time, everyone pitch in to help.  No one is left on the sideline for that task.  Involve your teenagers or kiddos in meal prep and I can guarantee you that they will give a try on whatever ends up on the table.

It might be 7pm or even 8pm when it is time to check that we have all our things and get in the car to bring those teenagers home.  Are all Mondays smooth?  Not a chance!  Some Mondays’ will be chaotic and things will happen that makes us think about stuff or learn to deal with circumstances, and that will be classified under growing experiences.  Is it worth it?  Very much so, since life is messy and full of unknown.

So, that does sum up my Mondays’ in general.  It started 3 years ago and it’s still going strong.