Let “Perfect” Go By Kristina

My house is a mess. Not like I have a few dishes in the sink that couldn’t fit in my dishwasher, mess. But like I have at least 2 more loads of dishes sitting on my counters waiting to be clean, mess. It seems like the mess reflects my life right now. I feel like my life is the mess. I am not organized. I tend to be late to things. I seem to be taking less showers, don’t judge! I try to see how long I can hide in my room in the mornings before I have to get up and face my crazy messy children. Anyone feel me? No? Maybe? That’s okay! For right now I am okay with my mess.

I have accepted the fact that I am not and will never be SUPER MOM. You know those moms you see in the store with the kids being so well behaved following their mother hen. I am the mom whose kids use me as a train through the store. Have I told you I have 3 ten year olds? I decided I will pick my battles. Either let them be a little crazy and happy, or hear them argue with each other and complain that I am taking to long. Do I wish I was the mom who always has dinner planned and made. Yes! I probably wish more that I had a personal chef though.

I have decided to just give up. I am done with striving to do things just right, or to have the perfect clean house. I am tired of apologizing for the mess. It is what it is. Life itself is messy. I bet those super moms you see do not have it together like you would think. All those facebook perfect posts do not show the whole story. You are only seeing the highlights of their lives.

I hope there is a day where I have more time to keep a tidy house. But that time is not now! I have other things that I need to worry about. Like getting my garden ready. Or making sure my kids aren’t being little cheaters in their school work. Or those times that I just want a day off to enjoy myself. I won’t apologize for that. The main thing I make sure is that my family is moving forward as people.

Ever since adopting my daughters, I have had to slow everything down. Change how I view things. Their brains do not work the same as my son’s. I have had to restructure homeschool so many times I have lost track. I started over with a new curriculum this month of April with my son. But with all the setbacks I still see progress. I have decided to stop focusing on all those little assignments. But to focus on the big picture. I started to tell people that we do year round school. Now what that means is that there are way to many days that get overwhelming. So instead of adding more to that day I take a break. So it takes us a year to get through the grade. That’s where my family is at. I try to focus on the progress. Sometime I have to dig through the mess to see it, but it is there.

One of the best things anyone can do, is to let it go. Like the song from Frozen! “Let it go, let it go. Can’t hold it back anymore” Is that stuck in your head now? You’re welcome! Let go of the need to be perfect. Let go of the ridiculous requirements you put on yourself. Let go of the worry of what will they think of me! Just own it. Is there progress in your life. Even the slightest bit? I bet there is. And that should be all that matters. Own your life with all it’s messes. I know my life has been the better for it.