How Are You?

How many times have I said those 3 simple words while crossing another mom in the halls?  A lot of times!  How many times did I really stop and look that mom in the eyes while saying those words?  Not often, which is sad.

I do not know if it’s because I am getting older, or that I wished someone would have took the time to mean it while asking me, or that I saw a lot of hurt lately but, now I just stop and make sure things are ok.  If not in person, because I am press with time, via text or phone.  Seriously, we are a bunch of parents who do need the support from one another.

Homeschooling is hard!  Even if the movement is growing, we still have to face the “critics” that comes from family, friends or strangers.  Life is also hard! So we better be to others what we want them to be for us.  I know, so cliché and yet, this old wisdom holds so much truth.  Show that you care and they will care…and oh yes you become friends…I guess that is how we do it as grown up.