With this pandemic at our door, we adapt!  And that is what we have done!

For the first semester of the 2020/21 school year, ARCH will be offering virtual school classes.  This is a new way for us to offer different learning opportunities.

This semester, our classes, even if virtual, are designed to be as friendly as possible in order to allow our members to continue to educate their children using the curriculum they prefer and the homeschooling style and schedule that they have chosen.

We are still offering a variety of classes from Pre K up to 12th grade.  Most classes will be available weekly to do at your own leisure and others will be live.

If you are interested in joining us during your homeschool journey, drop us a line at archrsvl@gmail.com

Here is a list of what we will be available


Art Famous People Through Craft!

1st-4th Grade

Ever heard of Samuel Morse or Bessie Coleman? Or maybe you have but you don’t remember why they were important. Our history is full of lesser known people who help shape our country. From the 1700s to the present learn about the lesser known famous people through crafts.


Numbers Galore

Pr-K – 1st Grade

This pack includes handwriting practice, ten frame examples, even vs. odd, one more, one less,number partners, etc. for each number 0-100 (in both print and manuscript tracing fonts).


Silly French time

K-3rd Grade

30 to 40 minutes live class, they will be recorded also for viewing later.


Basic French

4th-8th Grade

30 to 40 minutes live, they will be recorded also for viewing later.


Story Elements and Book club

Pr-K – 4th Grade

Students will do the worksheets, and parents will look over the assignments. There will be optional zoom classes, for the kids that would like to talk about the books they have read. These will be scheduled once classes are assigned, and monitored by a parent.

Younger students will watch videos of books being read to them, and then they can complete the worksheets provided. This helps them understand cause and effect and problem solving in books. It also lets them learn about character traits. The older students will read short stories and then complete the worksheets. They will be reading the same stories, so when we do a zoom meeting they can discuss them.


Visual Cooking

Pr-K – 2nd Grade

This is a different way to cook with kids that is kid-centered, fun, and very, very hands-on. Kids feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as they follow the recipes – often with little adult help

to create something yummy. These recipes can easily be created as a family or one on one with mom.  There will be some pre-recorded videos available to watch others create the recipes.  We ask that you take pictures of your recipe once they have prepared it, so that we can share with the group!


Cookies around the World

All Ages

Join us on a delicious trip around the world. We will be tasting 12 different cookies from 12 different countries. You will get to sit and watch your teachers try to cook all the different recipes while learning some fun facts from that week’s country. I will not guarantee that we will get each one perfect, but you will have fun watching us try!

In the last week of class you will receive a special Printed Cookie Cookbook of all the recipes, with some extra cookies for you to try at home. You will also receive a special cookie dessert to go along with it.



4th-7th Grade

Is History a hard subject for your child? Does it sometimes seem dry and boring? The Story of The World makes learning about our earliest beginnings, fun and interesting. I’m tailoring this class for grades 4th through 7th.


Reading Response

Pr-K – 4th Grade

This packet of reading responses will help your students comprehend when reading fiction, non-fiction, or even when they listen to a book/cd digitally.


Map Skills

2nd – 12th Grade

This was originally for children in grades 2nd – 4th, but we have heard parents saying they wish their older children could have a refresher course in maps. So there is the option to do this for any age group.


English Language Arts Review

3rd – 8th Grade (but 9th – 12th Grade would benefit with these if they need to review.)

There are videos to watch with most worksheets, to offer a refresher. For example: What is a homophone, synonyms, similes and so on.


Mystery Solving Class

3rd – 9th Grade (younger students may need some help from parents)

There will be multiple cases that the students will get. They will be given a story, clues and other guidance to help them solve a mystery. There will be classes scheduled to go over the conclusions. They are recommended, but not necessary. The student can also just submit their conclusion to the teacher. This is a fun way to get kids and teens to learn how to watch for clues, and build their own opinions.


Paragraph of the Week

3rd – 9th Grade

These are assigned weekly through Google classroom, and parents can look over their child’s paragraph. This is a good activity to get kids thinking everyday! Each Paragraph of the Week activity includes…

✔ Unique prompt (designed to only be one paragraph, but could easily be extended if desired).  Prompts are more than just a sentence or two and were written to get students to really think about the topic.

✔ Reminder section (You can EDIT to add your own reminders)

✔ Brain storming section for collecting ideas

✔ Space for students to write a final draft of their paragraph


Art Not So Simple Arts and Crafts

5th – 12th Grade

This will be a mix of more advanced art and crafts.  This class will encourage the students to use their imagination to create their own art using their own skills. The art will follow along with instructions. The crafts will have short discussions and then given assignments to be done. Some may take a few days to complete.



6th – adult

Beginners guide to photography. All assignments will be online reading, there will be occasional videos to watch to better describe lessons. They will be short, easy ways to help learn what the reading content is talking about. You will learn about your camera, settings, lighting and how to compose your pictures. Along with a lot of other good details.



9th – 12th Grade

This will be a zoom class when possible. I know there are some instances you will not be able to attend the zoom class. In that case, you will be required to submit your debate notes and arguments about what we have read. The reading material will be made available to you before we are ready to start classes.


French 2

High School Credit Class

You need to have completed French 1. There will be a group class for about 45 to 70 minutes and a one on one with the student for the week.  Those classes are live. Messenger or Zoom will be used. It is an all year round class.  A book will be purchased by the teacher.



High School Biology

10th – 12th Grade

We will be using Apologia Biology. According to their website, this is designed to be used as a college prep high school biology course. It will provide a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of general biology.


Civil War Study

7th – 12th Grade

The student will be able to learn about all the periods that were included during this time in our history.


Poetry Writing

6th – 12th Grade

Pattern poems are a great way to provide structure but still allow for plenty of creativity. While learning these patterns, your students will also be practicing syllables, parts of speech, and figurative language.  In addition, there is also a Poetry Project Choice Grid with six independent projects, a sheet of poetry reflection questions to use for discussions or as writing prompts, and two pages of ideas for extending the activities and sharing student work.


Essay Writing

Middle School/Junior High

This Class will lead students step-by-step through the writing process of narrative, informational, and argumentative essays (if time allows). It will include writing instruction, revising techniques and mentor texts.



9th – 12th Grade

Being in Yearbook in ARCH is a very special opportunity to grow as a student and team members, as well as develop many entrepreneurial skills. Yearbook provides students expansive experience in photography, digital design, goal-setting and time management, critical thinking skills, communication skills, advertising and sales/distribution, layout and design, writing, and editing all coming together to form a book that captures the heart and soul of ARCH.  This class requires active participation and out of school assignments. As this requires team members to exhibit a great deal of responsibility, we will ask interested students to complete an application and submit a sample of their work. (photo and interest statement)


How to Code with Roblox Studio

6th – 12th Grade

Do you have roblox? This class will teach you how to make a basic obby in roblox studios. We are planning 10 pre-recorded lessons with a weekly live Q&A session. This class is for ages 12 and up with a class limit of 12 students.


Animating with Flip-a-clip

7th – 12th Grade

In this class you will be learning how to use Flip-a-clip to make short animations and digital art. Starting with the basics and moving into more advanced skills. There will be weekly challenges and Q+A.(appropriate art/animations only)The class is open to grades 7th – 12th and is limited to a maximum of 12 participants.