We are so glad you are interested in ARCH!


ARCH serves the homeschooling community of the River Valley by offering interest-led and educational weekly classes, social opportunities as well as seasonal gatherings, and a place where moms can support each other. We are an all volunteer organization that holds to Psalms 133:1 where moms can lead events or field trips as well as make lasting friendships!

A homeschool cooperative is a privilege and an investment. It’s also a wonderful tool for the homeschool parent to utilize and to greatly enhance the experience and education for their children. Using the talents and strengths of other teachers among our own members and those outside of our group is of great value!



Our mission for ARCH program is to assist families in providing a broader home-based education for our children by combining parents’ talents and resources, to give our children the opportunity to participate in group activities, to offer an economical means of enriching homeschoolers’ educational experiences, and to give homeschooling families a means of having supportive relationships with other homeschoolers.



The goal of ARCH is to glorify God by supporting homeschool families and giving them a happy and laid back organization of which to be a part.

Arch is structured in a way that its members can take part in the weekly classes, special gathering, academic competitions and more.  Parents can choose one or all of these events to participate in with their children.  This organization is set up in a way that children can learn, have fun and form lasting friendships as well as the parents!



ARCH is not a drop-off program.  Every family is expected to be able to provide an adult to be present during class times.


We are passionate and excited about ARCH and believe it is an amazing tool for growth and experiences in your homeschool adventure!