Hello Doubts! By RSB

    September is already here and I just want to scream “I AM NOT READY!” Some old feelings are coming back for a visit usually around this time of the year.  From feeling inadequate, not prepared, not smart enough, not organized, not this or that the annual doubt fest is here.  My mind wonders if I am going to mess up my kid this year. “Is he going to excel in what I chosen to teach him?” “How many debates will we have about school stuff?”  I have a teenager, so yes it will happens, I am not in denial here. Those are just a few questions among so many in…


    The Homeschool Burnout Mama

      I was reading an article that was saying that the homeschool movement is getting bigger.  There are a lot of reasons for parents to choose that road in that article and they were all interesting big time.  But, to be honest, maybe because I am part of a group, I see a lot of parents signing off on homeschool and decide to send their children to school when they are hitting the 7th grades or higher. What you see, what you read is always different it seems.  Nevertheless, I took the time to chat with some old pros, you know the moms who do have 4 or 5 kids…

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    Let “Perfect” Go By Kristina

    My house is a mess. Not like I have a few dishes in the sink that couldn’t fit in my dishwasher, mess. But like I have at least 2 more loads of dishes sitting on my counters waiting to be clean, mess. It seems like the mess reflects my life right now. I feel like my life is the mess. I am not organized. I tend to be late to things. I seem to be taking less showers, don’t judge! I try to see how long I can hide in my room in the mornings before I have to get up and face my crazy messy children. Anyone feel me?…