Don’t Give Up

    Things are starting to get busy for us Homeschooling famililes. I’ve noticed a few friends, plus random strangers post about lesson planning and scheduling their days. The majority of  people seem to be getting stressed. I know its difficult picking out curriculum and making our lessons plans!  But don’t let it get to you! I was watching tv last night and scrolling through facebook, and a friend shared this devotion. I thought it was perfect for all my fellow homeschool moms! (To the one that shared it, thanks!) We are blessed with a wonderful group of friends, and I’m pretty sure if you are struggling in a area, one of…


    Not In The Books

    Last week was a long one.  The last day of our homeschool group coop classes, kindergarten graduation and so many arguments with my child about why he needed to know that “stuff” in math (because he won’t need it when he grows up as he says).  I needed to unplug.  I didn’t want to teach school stuff, I didn’t want to stay inside the house (we had so much rain lately) while it was sunny outside, I was seeking a quiet, yet productive, time. Since I seem to be behind on anything and everything, it was time to get started on the garden.  For some, gardening is easy and for…


    Old Wisdom

    When I was a teenager, in the 1980’s something, I was hooked on those quote that you could find here and there in the Reader’s Digest.  Now, it wasn’t the only place that I found them, but that was there that some got my attention. Anyway, back to the present time, this past weekend I was trying to declutter our massive wall to wall bookshelves.  Just so you know, I just got rid of 3 books and they were duplicates, so not a success story there (books make me happy).  Sorry, I am going off the main story here, anyway, I did stumble into a little book of mine where…

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    Yes Mom, You Are Doing A Good Job

    Just in case there is one person out there that needed to be told this today, I thought it was a good day (Monday)  to post this blog! After talking to a few “mom friends”, some who use public school and some who home school, I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes moms just need to know they are doing something right. As a home school parent, we balance so much more than just academics, and in the scheme of this wonderful life we live in, sometimes I think its the other things that we are balancing that will stick with our children more than what they learn in text…



    So, lately I have been out of character if you can say that.  I am being silly.  My kiddo asked me if everything was ok (I bet he thinks that I am going off the deep end lol).  Absolutely!  I will not lie here, the past few months have been hard or busy.  Being a grown up means being responsible and handling things that you wish you could hide from sometime.  Do you follow me? I am so aware that I am not the only one who have been through things and I am so aware (sorry for being repetitive here) that it takes a toll on the moral.  Thanksgiving…

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