Don’t Give Up

    Things are starting to get busy for us Homeschooling famililes. I’ve noticed a few friends, plus random strangers post about lesson planning and scheduling their days. The majority of  people seem to be getting stressed. I know its difficult picking out curriculum and making our lessons plans!  But don’t let it get to you! I was watching tv last night and scrolling through facebook, and a friend shared this devotion. I thought it was perfect for all my fellow homeschool moms! (To the one that shared it, thanks!) We are blessed with a wonderful group of friends, and I’m pretty sure if you are struggling in a area, one of…


    What May Looks Like

    What does the end of the “school year” means for a homeschool group?  I don’t know to be honest if I can generalize but for ARCH there is still a lot going on in May. It is the time to write thank you letters to outside helpers.  Never take for granted the people who do want to help your group succeed, show them that you care.  We don’t have money to spare but a thank you note is a good way to show your appreciation. The yearbook team is finalizing that book.  Last details touch as well as proof reading one more time and one more time again! Kindergarten graduation…


    Big Step

    ARCH celebrated the graduation of its kindergarten class this month.  We had the cap and gown, the diploma, the program, some cupcakes and you know, the whole work! As I was working behind the scene for that event, I had the opportunity to observe those little kids.  They were up on stage and being kids.  Those legs were swinging, they were excited and shy, in short what you would expect from children that age. Now, the real fun or more sweet moments were peeking at the parents while the ceremony was going on.  They were proud of those little guys on stage (which is totally normal) but when there was…


    World Culture Class By R.

    This is what homeschool classes are all about….   Yesterday I taught on Israel in World Culture Class at our homeschool co-op. The girls got to help make Falafel and Challah Bread to take to class.          

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    I’m So Thankful For Our ARCH Family!

    Last week someone asked me why I felt the need to belong to a home school co-op. I listed a few of my favorite reasons to them, not that I felt the need to justify what we do with our time. But because more people need to know the benefits of belonging to a co-op. At the time, my favorite reasons were the availability of classes and activities my children could be involved in. Also a added benefit is having parents I can go to for advice. I mean you got to admit its nice having friends that understand what your going through! Fast forward to this week, and I…


    To Start A Homeschool Group By Sara

    This is not a piece about complaining or anything but more about how a co-op works. If you are thinking about starting your own homeschool group, this one is for you. I remember a time when I was just a member of a homeschool group. I would receive a multitude of emails reminding me that I needed to pay for classes, or don’t forget to sign up for this, or that we have a special meeting and so on. You understand that right? As a member, I would also be asked how I could help or get involved in the homeschool group. I shall not lie here but there were…

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