Don’t Give Up

    Things are starting to get busy for us Homeschooling famililes. I’ve noticed a few friends, plus random strangers post about lesson planning and scheduling their days. The majority of  people seem to be getting stressed. I know its difficult picking out curriculum and making our lessons plans!  But don’t let it get to you! I was watching tv last night and scrolling through facebook, and a friend shared this devotion. I thought it was perfect for all my fellow homeschool moms! (To the one that shared it, thanks!) We are blessed with a wonderful group of friends, and I’m pretty sure if you are struggling in a area, one of…


    The Homeschool Burnout Mama

      I was reading an article that was saying that the homeschool movement is getting bigger.  There are a lot of reasons for parents to choose that road in that article and they were all interesting big time.  But, to be honest, maybe because I am part of a group, I see a lot of parents signing off on homeschool and decide to send their children to school when they are hitting the 7th grades or higher. What you see, what you read is always different it seems.  Nevertheless, I took the time to chat with some old pros, you know the moms who do have 4 or 5 kids…

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    Short Days By Christina

    I remember a friend one time telling me the important thing to worry about with homeschooling is reading writing and arithmetic. That comes in handy when dad is off and we have school work that needs to be done. It seems to be really hard for my kids to want to do any school while dad is off. But I try to remember the important subjects to keep school short: Reading Writing and Arithmetic. I have to admit we don’t spend much time if any on writing. My kids can write fairly well and they dislike it. I would like to add something maybe it could be in the place…

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    Academic Competitions In The Homeschooling World By Sara

    For us, it started when he was in kindergarten.  We had studied all our words and were now going to see how well we remember them at the Spelling Bee of our homeschool group.  I was looking at him, sitting there, in front of a crowd, just playing with his number that was around his neck, waiting his turn.  I was a nervous mother in the crowd of other nervous parents, while he couldn’t care less.  They were down to 5, now 3, now 2, I couldn’t take it anymore and voila!  He did it!  He won! That was 8 years ago!  Since then, we participated in each one of…

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    How Are You?

    How many times have I said those 3 simple words while crossing another mom in the halls?  A lot of times!  How many times did I really stop and look that mom in the eyes while saying those words?  Not often, which is sad. I do not know if it’s because I am getting older, or that I wished someone would have took the time to mean it while asking me, or that I saw a lot of hurt lately but, now I just stop and make sure things are ok.  If not in person, because I am press with time, via text or phone.  Seriously, we are a bunch…