Hello Doubts! By RSB

    September is already here and I just want to scream “I AM NOT READY!” Some old feelings are coming back for a visit usually around this time of the year.  From feeling inadequate, not prepared, not smart enough, not organized, not this or that the annual doubt fest is here.  My mind wonders if I am going to mess up my kid this year. “Is he going to excel in what I chosen to teach him?” “How many debates will we have about school stuff?”  I have a teenager, so yes it will happens, I am not in denial here. Those are just a few questions among so many in…


    Don’t Give Up

    Things are starting to get busy for us Homeschooling famililes. I’ve noticed a few friends, plus random strangers post about lesson planning and scheduling their days. The majority of  people seem to be getting stressed. I know its difficult picking out curriculum and making our lessons plans!  But don’t let it get to you! I was watching tv last night and scrolling through facebook, and a friend shared this devotion. I thought it was perfect for all my fellow homeschool moms! (To the one that shared it, thanks!) We are blessed with a wonderful group of friends, and I’m pretty sure if you are struggling in a area, one of…


    What May Looks Like

    What does the end of the “school year” means for a homeschool group?  I don’t know to be honest if I can generalize but for ARCH there is still a lot going on in May. It is the time to write thank you letters to outside helpers.  Never take for granted the people who do want to help your group succeed, show them that you care.  We don’t have money to spare but a thank you note is a good way to show your appreciation. The yearbook team is finalizing that book.  Last details touch as well as proof reading one more time and one more time again! Kindergarten graduation…


    Big Step

    ARCH celebrated the graduation of its kindergarten class this month.  We had the cap and gown, the diploma, the program, some cupcakes and you know, the whole work! As I was working behind the scene for that event, I had the opportunity to observe those little kids.  They were up on stage and being kids.  Those legs were swinging, they were excited and shy, in short what you would expect from children that age. Now, the real fun or more sweet moments were peeking at the parents while the ceremony was going on.  They were proud of those little guys on stage (which is totally normal) but when there was…


    Language Lessons For A Living Education Quick Review

    I’m kinda late to the game on this book but I wanted to share with any moms that have a struggling student. My daughter has had a very hard time grasping several subjects. We finally got a handle on the reading but still struggling understanding English. I came across an ad for this book and really liked it. It has been great! I just wanted to share so other moms could check it out for themselves. It is published by MasterBooks. *This is not a paid endorsement, just an honest review from a mom who is using that product.


    Not In The Books

    Last week was a long one.  The last day of our homeschool group coop classes, kindergarten graduation and so many arguments with my child about why he needed to know that “stuff” in math (because he won’t need it when he grows up as he says).  I needed to unplug.  I didn’t want to teach school stuff, I didn’t want to stay inside the house (we had so much rain lately) while it was sunny outside, I was seeking a quiet, yet productive, time. Since I seem to be behind on anything and everything, it was time to get started on the garden.  For some, gardening is easy and for…


    Homemade Pasta

        In cooking class we try to show kids that its easy to do things that they otherwise thought might be difficult. A few of our younger kids just didn’t believe that they could make pasta themselves. It is so rewarding for them to see that they can accomplish something new and sometimes difficult to them. Some of them were so happy they wanted to take some home for mom and dad. While others wanted to have seconds and thirds! They topped their pasta with their choice of cheeses and/or a easy homemade red sauce. I’ll post that recipe later! Have fun making this pasta with your family, and…


    The Homeschool Burnout Mama

      I was reading an article that was saying that the homeschool movement is getting bigger.  There are a lot of reasons for parents to choose that road in that article and they were all interesting big time.  But, to be honest, maybe because I am part of a group, I see a lot of parents signing off on homeschool and decide to send their children to school when they are hitting the 7th grades or higher. What you see, what you read is always different it seems.  Nevertheless, I took the time to chat with some old pros, you know the moms who do have 4 or 5 kids…

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    World Culture Class By R.

    This is what homeschool classes are all about….   Yesterday I taught on Israel in World Culture Class at our homeschool co-op. The girls got to help make Falafel and Challah Bread to take to class.          

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