Let “Perfect” Go By Kristina

    My house is a mess. Not like I have a few dishes in the sink that couldn’t fit in my dishwasher, mess. But like I have at least 2 more loads of dishes sitting on my counters waiting to be clean, mess. It seems like the mess reflects my life right now. I feel like my life is the mess. I am not organized. I tend to be late to things. I seem to be taking less showers, don’t judge! I try to see how long I can hide in my room in the mornings before I have to get up and face my crazy messy children. Anyone feel me?…


    Short Days By Christina

    I remember a friend one time telling me the important thing to worry about with homeschooling is reading writing and arithmetic. That comes in handy when dad is off and we have school work that needs to be done. It seems to be really hard for my kids to want to do any school while dad is off. But I try to remember the important subjects to keep school short: Reading Writing and Arithmetic. I have to admit we don’t spend much time if any on writing. My kids can write fairly well and they dislike it. I would like to add something maybe it could be in the place…

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    Academic Competitions In The Homeschooling World By Sara

    For us, it started when he was in kindergarten.  We had studied all our words and were now going to see how well we remember them at the Spelling Bee of our homeschool group.  I was looking at him, sitting there, in front of a crowd, just playing with his number that was around his neck, waiting his turn.  I was a nervous mother in the crowd of other nervous parents, while he couldn’t care less.  They were down to 5, now 3, now 2, I couldn’t take it anymore and voila!  He did it!  He won! That was 8 years ago!  Since then, we participated in each one of…

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    How Are You?

    How many times have I said those 3 simple words while crossing another mom in the halls?  A lot of times!  How many times did I really stop and look that mom in the eyes while saying those words?  Not often, which is sad. I do not know if it’s because I am getting older, or that I wished someone would have took the time to mean it while asking me, or that I saw a lot of hurt lately but, now I just stop and make sure things are ok.  If not in person, because I am press with time, via text or phone.  Seriously, we are a bunch…


    The “Why” Behind The Mess By Kristina

    My decision to homeschool was not an easy one. Homeschooling was not on my radar. I didn’t know much about it except all of those “stories” you hear. The idea to homeschool came to my husband. His sister started to homeschool her children with much success. I still was reluctant to the idea. So we weighed our options. Public school was a big no. We both went to public school and did not have wonderful experiences with it. Plus the influence of the other kids was a big factor. The next option was private school, which costed an arm and a leg. We were already tight on money. So really…


    “Education means inspiring someone’s mind, not just filling their head.” By Katie Lusk



    So, lately I have been out of character if you can say that.  I am being silly.  My kiddo asked me if everything was ok (I bet he thinks that I am going off the deep end lol).  Absolutely!  I will not lie here, the past few months have been hard or busy.  Being a grown up means being responsible and handling things that you wish you could hide from sometime.  Do you follow me? I am so aware that I am not the only one who have been through things and I am so aware (sorry for being repetitive here) that it takes a toll on the moral.  Thanksgiving…

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