ARCH is intended to be a supportive group for homeschoolers. We have meetings that include structured lessons that are divided by grade levels, subject, etc.

We want ARCH to be a place that is supportive to the community of homeschoolers in Pope County (in Arkansas) and surrounding Counties.  ARCH is a place where we can share tips, explore resources and new opportunities, socialize, find support and have fun!



  • The goal of ARCH is to glorify God by supporting homeschool families and giving them a happy and laid back organization of which to be a part.
  • ARCH is structured in a way that its members can take part in the weekly classes, special gatherings, field trips, fun monthly game nights and more.
  • Parents can choose one or all of these events to participate in with their children.
  • This organization is set up in a way that children can learn, have fun and form lasting friendships as well as the parents!



  • Directors are to direct the organization and maintain the integrity of ARCH’s goal.
  • Directors of ARCH are not there to micro manage fellow homeschool moms but are there to help direct the organization for everyone’s benefit.
  • We want this organization to be propelled by willing volunteers, so please feel free to step up to the plate and fulfill needs or let a director know if you spot a need in the organization.



  • Since we are a volunteer run organization, we need everyone to step up and volunteer in one way or another if you are a part of classes.



  • Complete ARCH enrollment form and faith statement
  • Sign and honor Parent Responsibility Agreement
  • Pay the yearly membership fee, which is one fee for your entire family.



  • Enrollment fees are paid once per year for the family and are non-refundable.



  • Please remember ARCH classes are not a drop-off program.
  • Every family is expected to be able to provide an adult to be present during class times.
  • Parents who are not teaching or helping are free to relax in the hang out area, but please understand we may have to ask these for help if we have a need arise.
  • The only exemption is for families that have a child 4 years old and younger or special needs.